Company list In was involved with:

DSNR Media Group (DMG)
Position: co-founder.
DMG is a leading result-based online advertising network serving over 50 billion banner impressions per month. With proprietary technology and methodologies, the company offers cross-platform solutions, utilizing its in-depth industry experience to run campaigns across the globe. A specialized ad network boosts global exposure for advertisers across top-tier publishers, and enables memorability and accountability in online campaigns. DMG was established in 2008 and operates from Raanana, Israel. The company employs ~ 120 professional online marketing experts and technical developers.

DSNR Media Innovation (DMI)
Position: co-founder.
DMI is a result based social media company providing global clients solutions and tools to run their social media campaigns.

Position: co-founder.
The company is the developer of of eType, a state-of-the-art auto-completion writing tool which generates high probability word choice suggestions and translation during the actual typing process. eType allows you to focus on expressing your ideas in the best manner possible without having to open additional applications or software. You may make automatic contributions to the eType dictionary without ever having to stray away from your writing.

Position: co-founder.
Company sold in Oct 2012, read more about sale.
DSNR is a multi-channel Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) international e-commerce sales company focused on developing and marketing immigration services and language learning tools worldwide. DSNR was founded in 2001 and operates from Raanana, Israel. The company employs ~600 sale wizards & customer relation staff.

Position: co-founder.
Company sold in 2012, read more about sale
Bezecom is a VOIP (voice over IP) company providing x-patriots communities with low cost telephony services. Bezecom is a joint venture between DSNR Ltd. and Bezeq international.