I am starting a new project (extended details to follow in the next few weeks). I will be outsourcing it 100%, using people from the internet (online) to do the designing & coding (for a fee of course). I have decided I am going to give the  outsourcing process a shot and report back here on the progress.

My target: To have the entire project completed by New Year 2012 and keep cost well below $10K.

Goal 1: Logo Design
My first experience was with 99designs.com, but I couldn’t get any traction. It may have been due to the fact that I wanted too much for too little. I was offering around $1,000 (non-guaranteed) to design 5 pages + logo, and got 3 pretty pathetic designs, two of them just for the logo. I was starting to get skeptical about outsourcing.

I then re-thought my strategy and decided to open a new design contest for $220 with DesignCrowd.com. I set it up for the logo only, and the fee was guaranteed. At the end of the contest I would pay a designer for the work no matter what.

This time around, instead of sitting back and waiting for the designers to throw ideas at me, I put in a lot of time and effort getting designers to submit ideas. Eventually I got over 170 designs! As expected, some were better than others.

Eliminated Logos – Click the image to see in detail:


After receiving so many logos, I tried to fiddle with the design myself. I played around with the letters and 10 minutes afterwards (well over 2 weeks + 10 minutes that is) I came up with the following logo sketch that I liked, gave it another night’s sleep to be 100% sure, and then posted it on the DesignCrowd site.

My sketched logo:


A couple of days after sending it to the designers at DesignCrowd, This is what I got:


Some more tweaking, some color changes, and voila! The final logo (Designed by me, executed by Anthony):



  • Completion Time: 2-3 weeks
  • Cost: $220
  • Mood: Happy with the result
  • Bottom Line: Logo design in outsourcing works! (At least for me)


My two cents when designing a logo in outsourcing:

  • Ask yourself what kind of logos you like BEFORE writing the brief. Do the research.
  • Write a great brief. When in doubt, read other briefs with several designs submitted and try to borrow ideas.
  • Take a chance. Make the contest guaranteed
  • Plan on spending time inviting and managing designers, giving them feedback etc. You will get a lot more designs this way.
  • I used DesignCrowd but I’m certain other sites such as 99designs will get you decent results if your contest is guaranteed.
  • Don’t be afraid of sketching your ideas and then letting the pros turn it into a professional logo.


Inspiring logos and web design pages: