Speaking in public can be pretty scary if you are not used to it. In fact, public speaking is considered the second most frightening experience to people after death(!) so when I was invited to speak publicly a month ago, I was concerned…

I asked myself, what can I do to reduce the stress? My biggest worry was that I would step up to speak and then freeze up, so I decided to memorize the first 4-5 lines and hopefully once I was “moving” it would be easy to keep going.

Here is what I memorized: “Hi, good morning everyone, My name is Daniel Scalosub, I would first like to thank …. for inviting me to speak with you today. Before we begin, I would like to ask you to take out your mobile phones, turn them on in silent mode and feel free to send me notes and comments via twitter to @scalosub. I’m an entrepreneur, and for the past 10 years I have been involved in building internet companies. I’m here to tell you my story and share my experiences with you”

A couple of days before the event, I rehearsed this paragraph in the morning shower, before I went to sleep and any other time I had available. at the day of the event, I didn’t have to think about what I wanted to say and I wasn’t stressed out. I stepped up and said what I practiced and then I just followed the presentation I prepared. it worked!

Share with me what works for you in the comments below.