Scratch my back?Every entrepreneur gets the itch. It may come to you in various places. For some it comes in the morning when you wake up or while you are taking a shower or driving to work, for others ideas come before they fall asleep, in that magic moment just before they drift away. To me, it just happens – everywhere, anytime, unexpectedly. You can’t time the itch, it’s there when you least expect and if your not ready, you’ll miss it like a falling star. it comes when it wants and the only thing you can do is be receptive and prepared – always…

How do you know it has arrived? well it’s an itch so you actually feel it, but unlike a regular itch, this one fills you with a rush of energy – the kind of energy that makes you feel as if you can take on the entire world, single handedly.

Be aware that the rush doesn’t necessarily signify a great idea (although at first you might think so), I had some pretty bad ideas in the presence of the itch one was regarding something we called “Net-dominator” which you would vote for who will be a sort of king or dominator of our internet/website/virtual world. This idea then took a really bad turn (in retrospect) into trying to register a virtual country in the UN (can you believe it? those where the wild dot-com era). Back to the itch, i’m guilty in having that sense of WOOSH (aka the itch) for both of those lame ideas.

I also had some success stories with mr. itch, and let me tell you that it’s a lot more fun. bottom line: if failing is human then itching is devine. Hope you get to feel it too.

Feel free to share your itching with me.