Fascinated with crowd-wisdom, I embarked on a new project: luvcow.com

What is it? luvcow is an open platform for anyone to add their own questions + photos or answer questions posted by other users.

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Check it out and let me know what you think. should be fun.

New way to play with this great toy. Online.

This company has it all… friendship, suspense, a big success and then a huge failure, around the world travelling, you name it! someone should turn it into a Hollywood movie…

If you are looking for the rush of “against all odds” story, “get out of here it will never work” kind of tale, don’t miss this:

I always wondered how beautiful tile backgrounds are created. never knew it was this simple.

Here’s the ‘how-to’ video that teaches you in 8 minutes how to create bg patterns http://www.dinpattern.com/2012/02/22/photoshop-tutorial-10-minute-pattern-creation/

And if you’re too lazy, you can download free bg’s http://www.dinpattern.com/


I have been keeping myself busy lately and haven’t had time to write much, so I decided I should change a bit the format of this blog. Going forward I will be sharing inspiring videos, interesting start-ups and new online services I find in my online quest!

It’s like pinterest but personal. cool interface and great execution!

back to the futureA guy wanted to pitch me his idea. He was going to prepare and send what I presume to be a business plan. This is what I wrote back, I’ll probably reuse this in the future:

Do not sent me a business plan. Good ideas are simple and make sense right away (or not).

You can send me one paragraph about the idea – problem & solution, two lines about the market (don’t tell me how big the internet is… I already know that) if you have some thoughts about revenues write it in a line. don’t tell me what your revenue will be in 3 years unless you have invented a time machine. if you don’t know something, write: “I don’t know”.

If you succeeded, great! send it over.

if not, go back to the beginning of the message.